DSA Takes Position on Dominion Power Lines on Rt. 50

At a regular meeting of the Dulles South Alliance Board of Directors held on the 7th day of May 2015 the following resolution was adopted.

WHEREAS, Dominion Virginia Power has proposed to install 230 KV transmission lines on 125 foot tall monopoles with a 100 foot wide easement along the Route 50 corridor, and

WHEREAS, Loudoun County has engaged in a continuous series of comprehensive planning efforts over the past two decades specifically targeting the Route 50 corridor in the Dulles South area of the County, and

WHEREAS, the Dulles South Area Management Plan adopted in 1993 (the “1993 DSAMP”) recognized that Route 50, among its other attributes, serves as the “gateway” to Loudoun County’s economic and historic areas in the southern and western areas of the County, and

WHEREAS, the Revised General Plan in 2001, the East Gate Assemblage CPAM in 2005, and the recommendations of the Route 50 Task Force resulted in the adoption of the Arcola Area/Route 50 Comprehensive Plan Amendment in 2006 (the “2006 CPAM”), and

WHEREAS, the 2006 CPAM outlined landscaping guidelines to provide an aesthetically pleasing corridor, whereby all properties along Route 50 will be developed with a unified treatment of setbacks and landscaping consistent with the landscaping guidelines established as a result of the Route 50 Task Force Report, and

WHEREAS, the Dulles South Alliance has aided in planning efforts that have resulted in several common conclusions and goals with respect to the County’s desired economic strategy and land use policies for the Route 50 corridor, and
WHEREAS, this Board has determined that is does not support the current proposed alignments of the Dominion Virginia Power proposed 230 KV transmission lines along the Route 50 corridor, and

WHEREAS, the location of the proposed Dominion Virginia Power 230 KV transmission lines and structures along the Route 50 corridor will negatively impact existing and planned commercial uses thus resulting in reduced property values of parcels located adjacent to the proposed power line easement.

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Dulles South Alliance Board of Directors formally requests that the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution stating that neither of the two currently proposed alignments for the extension of a new Dominion Virginia Power transmission line along the Route 50 corridor are acceptable and that Dominion Virginia Power provide an alternative alignment that is more centrally located within the commercial/industrial area of Dulles West Boulevard and Evergreen Mills road.

President Signature
Denise Harrover, Glascock Field at Stone Ridge LLC

Names of Board Members in favor of the resolution
Roy Barnett, Van Metre Companies
Bob Buchanan, Buchanan Partners
Packie Crown, Bowman Consulting
Eileen Kennedy, Cardinal Bank
Keith Meurlin, Washington Airports Task Force
Paul Orlando, SFMC
Jesse Stapleton, Braddock Road HOA
Tracey White, StoneSprings Hospital Center

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