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Membership in the Dulles South Alliance is an investment offering a variety of services and benefits to help you cultivate your business, thrive in the Dulles South region, and become part of a dynamic community.

Dues Description
Large Scale $1,000 Businesses with more than 75 employees
Landholding companies / Real Estate companies with over 30 acres
Business $500 Businesses with 25 – 75 employees
General $250 Individuals holding less than 30 acres
Personal $100 Non-profit and Not for Profit
Businesses that are Non-Real Estate with less than 25 employees
Individuals not affiliated with Real Estate


“The DSA provides a great forum for learning about and being updated on important community issues, as well as allowing networking with others of similar interests.”

Ralph Thompson, Leehigh Autobody & Service Center

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Organization:Dulles South Alliance
Street: 25050 Riding Plaza
Ste. 130 #181
City/State/ZIP:South Riding, VA 20152
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